Government-owned copper producer Hindustan Copper Limited announced its Q1FY21 results on Sep 10, 2020. The company has posted a consolidated net profit of Rs 29.69 crore for Q1FY21, which rose by 40.11 percent, as compared to Q1FY20 when it reported a profit of Rs 21.19 crore.

The firm has reported consolidated net sales of Rs 431.43 crore in Q1FY21, which rose  by 41.89 per cent YoY from Rs 304.07 crore in Q1FY20.

The company posted EBITDA of Rs 86.42 crore in Q1FY21 that decreased by 7.35 percent YoY. For Q1FY20, it had posted EBITDA of Rs 93.28 crore.

EBITDA margin as of Q1FY21 was at 20.03 per cent that declined by 10.65 per cent YoY. EBITDA margin for Q1FY20 was 30.68 per cent.

The net profit margin in Q1FY21 came in at 6.88 per cent, which declined by 9bps YoY. The net profit margin for Q1FY20 was 6.97 per cent.

The share price of the company closed at  Rs 35.35, up by 2.32 per cent.